Use Your Voice. Elevate Your Career.

Your Voice should be heard… but you need to become a master at using it.

As a woman who has only ever worked in male dominated industries, I understand the challenge. Promotions, pay raises and respect are not easily handed out, and you need to learn how to ask.


The Change Your Tone
Career Elevation Bootcamp

is here to guide your professional development and launch you to the next level.


Even if you do a great job, it is easy, especially as a woman, to not get recognized. It is your job to make sure that you are seen and heard in a professional manner by the way you communicate to determine your future success.

The Change Your Tone Bootcamp will:

  • Help you create a career path that will excite you.
  • Teach you how to communicate in a way that ensures others feel respected, but still empowers you as a woman with a voice that needs to be heard.
  • Teach you how to position yourself for that raise and/or promotion.
  • Teach you how to ask for what you want and how to ensure that the way in which you communicate is direct and effective.
  • Provides you a tool set to utilize your overall tone so you can enhance your communication skill set to create valuable relationships up and down the organizational ladder.

It's easy to feel overshadowed by men - or women for that matter - in leadership positions. Far too often we are shut down, ignored, silenced, or put into a box.  If you feel discouraged in your professional environment, it’s time to take a deeper look at the ‘why’. This Bootcamp will empower you to be heard and respected in the workplace.

Your work should speak for itself… but you also need to learn how to use your tone and communication skills to position yourself for success.

The good news is that you CAN break through. You need a strategy that works for you, and is based around your personality and strengths. A strategy that focuses on reacting strategically – not emotionally.

When we work together and build camaraderie as women in the workplace, we’re unstoppable. Your future is waiting for you. It’s time to take what’s yours.

Here’s What’s Included:

8 Weeks of LIVE Group Coaching

Access to All Past Sessions ON DEMAND

A STRONG NETWORK of Women in the Workplace


Weekly Accountability EMAILS

Q&As with Beth on Alternating Weeks

Get your questions answered in REAL TIME.


You CAN get what you want.

Communication is key.

For Only $997, You’re Gaining:

  • EMPOWERMENT in the Workplace
  • The Ability to ENJOY work again
  • Engagement in MEANINGFUL work
  • COMMUNICATION skills to navigate corporate culture
  • STRATEGIC responses, as opposed to emotional ones
  • COHESIVENESS in your relationships, both at work and otherwise
  • The ability to be ASSERTIVE without fear of repercussion
  • A GROUP OF WOMEN to stand with you as comrades and share their own unique experiences navigating and maintaining professional contacts

When Women Work Together, Nothing Can Stand in Our Way.




Beth Fisher is an engaging author, speaker, business leader, leukemia-survivor, and marathoner with a passion for helping women overcome adversity. She’s spent much of her life in a constant struggle between living up to others’ expectations and finding her true self. Today, she uses her own experiences to help other driven, professional women align their outward communication skills with who they truly are inside.

The key to being recognized for who you are lies in one vital skill: Change Your Tone.

Beth Fisher has helped countless individuals identify their missing link to help them show up authentically in the professional world, so they can change their tone while always staying true to themselves. Beth’s coaching helps career-focused women be seen, heard, and appreciated in every room they enter.

In January of 2020, Beth left her successful twenty-five-year sales and marketing career where she implemented solutions to automate business process improvement. She now serves as the Chief Advancement Officer for Mel Trotter Ministries, the largest provider of services to people experiencing homelessness in West Michigan, where she combines her experience and love for business with her passion for helping the underserved community.

Beth co-hosts the Mel Trotter Ministries’ podcast, Everyday Humanity, and has hosted her own The Remorseless podcast. She also actively consults with for-profit organizations and faith-based missions around the country, helping them increase fundraising and communication efforts through automated business processes—including CRMs, workflows, marketing integrations, and organizational and team structures.

Beth holds two master’s degrees in Theology, founded her own consulting company, and is a certified leadership and development coach.